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ER123W - 45mm

Flat white box

ER124W - 22mm

Flat white box

ER135W - 35mm

White box 35mm x 35mm double rebate

ER135WSP - 35mm

White box single rebate

ER190F - 99mm

White distressed bone

ER207W - 16mm

Flat high white

I63A - 58mm

Semi scoop lime wash beaded lip

I63B - 58mm

Semi scoop coffee bean beaded lip

I63A - 58mm I63B - 58mm

MW344AWS - 50mm

Antique white, silver lip insert

MW344GR - 50mm

Grey insert

MW344GRS - 50mm

Grey with silver lip insert

MW344GR - 50mm MW344GRS - 50mm

MW507AW - 78mm

Ornate antique white

MW507CH - 78mm

Ornate champaigne

MW561AG - 104mm

Large embossed gold

MW507CH - 78mm MW561AG - 104mm

MW561CH - 104mm

Large embossed champaigne

MW561SIL - 104mm

Large embossed silver leafed

MW563AW - 76mm

Ornate antique white

MW563AW - 76mm

MW572AW - 109mm

Slope embossed antique white

MW561CH - 104mm MW561SIL - 104mm MW572AW - 109mm ER123W - 45mm ER124W - 22mm ER135W - 35mm ER190F - 99mm ER207W - 16mm

ER048W - 50mm

Square white

ER057W - 20mm

White insert

ER048W - 50mm ER057W - 20mm

MW636GRY - 77mm

Reverse slope embossed grey

MW636GRY - 77mm

MW636SIL - 77mm

Reverse slope embossed silver leafed

MW572CH - 109mm

Slope embossed champaigne

MW572SIL - 109mm

Slope embossed silver leafed

MW630ABK - 25mm

Small antique black insert

MW630ABK - 25mm

MW630CH - 25mm

Small champaigne insert

MW630WHT - 25mm

Small white insert

MW630CH - 25mm MW630WHT - 25mm MW572SIL - 109mm print design and mouldings +27 11 451 9301 Synthetic and Wood Mouldings