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F15 FLEXI - Flexi Points (5000 per box)

F18 BRADS - F18 Elpa Pins

18mm Brad nails are used to permanently close the back of artworks.

ZALFA5 - 5mm Alfa staples (V-Nails Qty 5000)

ZALFA7 - 7mm Alfa staples (V-Nails Qty 4000)

ZALFA10 - 10mm Alfa staples (V-Nails Qty 3000)

ZALFA15 - 15mm Alfa staples (V-Nails Qty 2000)

Alfa staples are for use in minigraf machines only.  The wedges are glued together with a strip of silicon adhesive.  Minigraf wedges are supplied in 8mm, 7mm, 10mm and 15mm lengths.

Machines are supplied with wedge heads of 7mm, 10mm and 15mm heads are available on request.

ZF-08-950 - Framers points (Black gun) (Qty 3000)

Used in framemaster point driver (ZF-07-500).  These points are inserted perfectly flat into the frame for maximum holding.  One point provides more holding surface than 4 ordinary brads.

ZF-08-955 - Flexible Framers points (Green gun) (Qty 3700)

Used in fleximaster point driver (ZF-07-700).  These flexies are used to close up frames that require re-opening.  They are mainly used for the ready-made market, but can be used for most small frames.  Due to the fact that they are flexible it is not advisable to use them on large frames.

ZF-08-975 - Flexible Multipoint (Yellow gun) (Qty 3000)

Used in multimaster point driver (ZF-07-800).  These points are used to secure ready-made frames quickly and easily. They replace the costly and time consuming offset clips, brads and glue.  Multipoints can be used to join double frames.  The multipoint is shot into the rebate of the frame and the second frame is joined by means of a wood screw inserted into the opening of the multipoint to secure.

ZF-08-980 - Glazier points (Black gun) (Qty 5000)

Used in framemaster point driver (ZF-07-500) by reversing the magazine you can load and fire smaller glazier points for securing glass into wooden float frames.

Alfa staples F15 FLEXI F18 Elpa Pins Flexible Framers points Framers points Flexible Multipoint Glazier points

ZG-05-015 - Fletcher mat cutter blades (Qty 100)

Fletcher matcutter blades only for use in fletcher matcutter machines.

Fletcher mat cutter blades print design and mouldings +27 11 451 9301

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blades and staples