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CORD1 - Polyester cord 1.5mm (550 meter roll)

CORD2 - Polyester cord 2mm (280 meter roll)

CORD3 - Polyester cord 3mm (120 meter roll)

Heavy duty nylon twine for hanging picture frames.

1.5mm twine 550m per roll with a breaking strain of 100kg

2mm twine 280m per roll with a breaking strain of 120kg

3mm twine 120m per roll with a breaking strain of 265kg

H/WRAP - Handi Wrap (Qty 00 rolls - 200m per roll)

Handi wrap is a cheap and versatile plastic packaging film for wrapping products to avoid damage in transit. Handi wrap can be used to protect corners by wrapping 2 to 3 layers around each side of the frame. It can also be used to wrap moulding off cuts together to be stored.

SB/EZ150 - Small E-Z Mount stand 150mm (Qty 10)

SB/EZ230 - Large E-Z Mount stand 230mm (Qty 10)

E-Z mount stands available in both small and large and they are sold in packs of 10. This stand accommodates any moulding width. The stands are strong and durable and will not bend or collapse. E-Z mount stands consist of 2 parts, a back strut and a centrepiece. The centre piece is attached to backing board with contact adhesive in the center of the frame with the bottom of the frame upwards. The back strut is then clipped into place. Small stands recommended for 150mm - 250mm height frames. Large stands recommended for 250mm - 330mm height frames.

ZF-07-500 - Frame Master point driver (Black gun)

Uses the framers point (long point) ZF-08-950 and also the glazier points (short point) ZF-08-980.

ZF-07-700 - Flexi Master point driver (Green gun)

Uses the flexible framers points ZF-08-975

ZF-07-800 - Multi Master point driver (Yellow gun)

Uses the flexible multi points ZF-08-955

ZFG-01-711 - Fletcher gold tip hand glass cutter

ZF-GILT - Gilt filler

Gilt filler is used to touch up frames that have been damaged when the moulding is cut. A badly joined corner can be filled by applying filler onto the corner to touch up the frame. Available in a range of gold, silver, black, white, cream, verdigris (green), pinotage (burgundy), antique gold, bronze, celtic bronze, copper, damson, foundry bronze, german silver and sandalwood.

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